...the power and broad interpretive style of a Bette Midler or Barbra Streisand... Sandy Cash has a very special gift, that more than a singer, she is an excellent storyteller.

– Bob McKenzie, Soundbytes, Canada

From the Midwest to the Middle East – that’s the route traveled by American-born singer-songwriter Sandy Cash. Now living the ex-pat life in her adopted country of Israel, Sandy is a musical storyteller whose thoughtful – and theatrical – performance style is rooted in the songs on which she grew up back in her native Detroit. At the same time, Sandy’s original songs offer a penetrating look into the world in which she has chosen to make her home. Drawing deeply from the well of history while holding up a mirror to the politics of the present day, Sandy’s writing also embraces universal themes: the sustaining love of family, a commitment to community, and – oh, so important in this part of the world! – a healthy sense of humor.

"Sandy Cash has impeccable taste...a gorgeous, rich voice [and] an ear for clever lyrics...I'm so happy to know that she is out there singing songs like these in here part of the world. Lucky them!"

– Christine Lavin