Capital News (Jerusalem) Reviews “A Thing So Real”

Capital News (Jerusalem) Reviews “A Thing So Real”

Jul 09

Capital News CD Review
by Keren-Ami Armon, Jerusalem

Those of us who have been lucky enough to be listening to Sandy Cash singing folk music for years have a special treat ahead of us.

Sandy’s specialty has always been dramatic, thought-provoking songs. She brings her audiences into her music provoking both laughter and tears.

The taste that Sandy gave us on her first CD may have a chance of being satisfied now with the debut of her second CD, A Thing So Real. Once again Sandy has brought us a CD full of humor and poignancy. This time entirely her own music.

Every woman who has ever been pregnant can identify with her song Strangers With One Heart. The song will bring tears to your eyes when you remember the feeling of the little one inside you.

Every mother can identify with the harried, hassled mother in The Boy Next Door. With tears of laughter, you wish you too had a “boy next door.”

Cash’s song Giorgio Perlasca brings us to a time of bitterness, into the heart of a man who did what he thought was right, thereby saving the lives of thousands of Jews during World War II.

And no song matches the power of The Children’s Brigade as we watch youngsters not yet out of school march to the tune of martyrdom and jihad.

Sandy Cash has fulfilled her self-appointed job as folk “ambassador” to the Middle East, and has joined their ranks as a talented songwriter in her own right.