A Musical Editorial

A Musical Editorial

Dec 29

The “Times of Israel” recently picked up a song from “Voices From the Other Side” as a “top op” (op/ed) to share with their readers. This song is a dark satire about the State of Israel’s ongoing struggle with Western public opinion. Audio and video at the link:

Song of Zion

The struggle goes on. Today (December 29th, 2013), four katushya rockets were fired into Northern Israel from Lebanon. Last week, a couple of other rockets were launched at us from Gaza in the south. Also last week, a bomb placed on a bus (we haven’t had one of those for a while, thank Gd) miraculously missed its target because an alert driver — who saw the suspicious package — ferried his passengers off onto the sidewalk before the thing exploded, blowing out windows and mangling the bus frame. And in the good news department, a policeman stabbed in the back in east Jerusalem woke up… it looks like he’s going to be fine.

Didn’t hear about any of these attacks? No matter. You’ll hear plenty of reports when Israel responds.