My 2014 US Tour – In the News

My 2014 US Tour – In the News

Mar 10

As an independent musician, it’s up to me to promote my own shows (with a lot of help from my friends!). So I was pleased to see that my performances garnered some press, as well as an extended radio interview.

First to hit the news stands was this piece by Michelle Mills, features writer for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group. This piece appeared in local papers all over town, and helped fill the audience at Altadena’s Coffee Gallery Backstage.

“The great and exciting thing about narrative songwriting is that it activates the imagination. The audience has to follow the story as it unfolds,” Cash said. “The greatest moment of connection with the audience for me is when I see in their eyes that they are thinking. I like to make people think.”

Other than the headline that claims I am a “former rabbi” (not!) it’s a great article.  You can read the whole thing here.

A Flint, Michigan radio show also invited me to do a studio interview. Tom Sumner of WFNT is a musician, who also hosts a political talk show…a perfect combination for me! I was able to share a few of my songs while having a relaxed format (an entire hour) to answer questions about life in Israel.

Lastly, the Detroit Jewish News made my mom very happy by running this article to promote my shows in Ann Arbor, Flint, West Bloomfield and Troy, Michigan.  It even includes a mention of her grandchildren!


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